A newly leaked video shows off two coming Research in Motion BlackBerry 10 smartphones, while also describing an elaborate marketing campaign designed to help launch the devices in the first quarter of 2013. CrackBerry.com first posted the video on Thursday at about the same time that RIM posted its second quarter earnings, according to BGR.com.
BGR apparently grabbed the video before it was pulled from CrackBerry, and posted it on its site Friday.
The two BlackBerry 10 phones, shown side-by-side at one point in the 3:20-minute video, include a tall touchscreen device that is similar to the Dev Alpha devices being used by RIM developers to build applications.
The video also shows for the first time a Qwerty smartphone with a screen that is not as tall. The phone has a familiar-looking BlackBerry physical keyboard below a display that's a bit taller than the one used in RIM's current Bold 9900.
On the screen of the Qwerty device is a depiction of how BlackBerry Hub might work, with a document overlaid on an email.
BlackBerry Hub is designed to bring emails and notifications together easily in BlackBerry 10. RIM officials demonstrated Hub earlier this week at the BlackBerry Jam event in San Jose.
RIM disclosed at that event that its subscriber base has passed 80 million, up from 78 million in the first quarter of 2012. On Thursday, RIM reported a second quarter loss of $235 million, which beat expectations and led to a surge in the company's stock price.
During an earnings call yesterday, RIM officials and CEO Thorsten Heins said RIM projects another loss in the third quarter, and is likely to report deficits for several quarters to come.
Still, Heins said that the highly anticipated BlackBerry 10 will launch "on track" in the first quarter.
The video also describes an "In the Right Hands" marketing campaign involving celebrities and average BlackBerry users that use a BlackBerry 10 smartphone for one day apiece, adding content and then passing it on until the day the device is formally launched.
For example, the narrator says musician Lady Gaga could write and load on the phone a single music track on one day, followed by a short story from writer JK Rowling and then a movie recorded onto the device by film director Ridley Scott.
RIM officials declined to comment on the video.